Monday, February 2, 2009

Pants on fire people

I HATE that commercial trying to get people to start consuming, or continue consuming products with high fructose corn syrup,saying there is nothing wrong with it. THE LIARS!! Anyone who is capable of doing an iota of research for themselves can find out the horrific things that have been PROVEN scientifically that are caused from HFCS.

Well, if you still don't believe it, you keep slurping up that HFCS, and enjoy the mercury that has also now been found in it.
Yep, I got an email from mother Earth News just this A.M, giving me a list of all the products that contain HFCS and exceeding amounts of mercury. Go here for the information.

Scary stuff!!

Thankfully, I don't consume many of those things, but did find the hunts tomato catsup from when I bought it to make home made silly putty. we no longer have it.

It is just more reason for me to stop buying pre made stuff and start making as much stuff from scratch. We are pretty good about this, but we have always bought bread from the store, something we will NO LONGER be doing after this report. Thankfully, this month's issue of Mother Earth New's has some fabulous, easy, bread recipes. So, as turtle sleeps and I type this, my bread is rising.
I will report on how it goes, I have NEVER made a loaf of bread in my life.

This weekend was fun, lots of fun. It was founder's day up at SGU, so we were up there a lot. Turtle and I did the fashion show on Friday, in our Regailia, and she was so funny! She was up there waving to everyone and smiling, she is totally going to be a wacipi princess... (like Ina, like Cunksi.) Anyway, then we hit grand entry, and she zonked out. On Saturday, we hit grand entry again, and she looked so adorable in her little regailia! Sunday, we hung out at home, had lazy time. It was nice.
That is all the updating for now, I'm off to get some stuff done while turtle sleeps.


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