Monday, February 9, 2009

A letter to Baggs

I just read girl's gone child's post..and two people popped into my head who do that for me.

Baggs this is for you....

Even though we go at it like dog and cats, and we definitly have our dichotomies, no one else shares the long tangled history we do.

No one would ever be able to understand why we do what we do, or act the way we act. No one knows or understands why no matter what words are hurled in the moment, we will never be broken, we will never be able to walk away. You are my cuwe, you are my Wi, you were my Ina.

All the shit we have put each other through and most sane people would have walked away and given up a long time ago, but not us. We are bound together by trips where children stand in the rain, we are bound by dreams of opening stores and having a word of the day, we are bound by scary, soul baring, talks in the dark car, while we skip class; (and eat really good ice cream.) (Thank you by the way for trusting me with your wounds.) We are bound by walking through hell and living to see another day. We are bound by long nights hiding under the covers with only each other to hold onto, waiting for the sun to rise. ( Holy S*** we ARE NDNZ!)

We are bound by wounds,
betrayal, (our own and others)
uncontrollable, unending laughter,
inside jokes,
We are bound by sisterhood, we have been broiled in the fires of life and
strengthened by the love of and for each other.
You have been there for me when you couldn't even be there for yourself, you have let me act like an idiot and not cared or shamed me, even though the boy you liked was 10 feet away. (don't remember? here's a refresher...Um, hello fatty? yah, this is skinny.)
You are my heart, you will always be in my heart.
I love you. I always will. thank you for everything.. and I do mean EVERYTHING. For the good, the horrific, and the ugly.

(are you crying yet? sorry.) ok, one other thing. In all my life, you are the only one who I have written so many damn poems about.

Now, for the fun part. I leave with you these snippets.. to dry your tears.

Snippets and some sisterly advice....

um...hello fatty? do you know who, um, ... ate the tubby custad?

Whatever you do..don't go up the stairs... you're going up the stairs! Now what are we gonna do?

Don't forget your angry eyes!!!

knock knock... aphe ista oto wispaye!!

I'm gonna kick you all the way to shut your piehole camp!

I don't care if he IS santa claus!!!

I can see you with my hitunkala ista's!!!

if it is windy and you go to play outside.. don't forget your floaties!!!

sorry, the penguins still aren't coming home.. they liv at muy houth!!!!

*don't catch ska.. (or you know what)

I love you.
Thank you again. I've grown because of you too. (See, just cuz i run faster, doesn't mean I don't learn too!) LOL!!
-You will always be my baggs, and I will always love you for it.
What's under there?

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