Monday, February 9, 2009

Bebe's got a neewwww pair o' shoes!!!!

Well, so much happened today.
some really great stuff, and some really rotten stuff. I will talk about the really great stuff.

I spoke with and spent some time with all but two of my intown friends today. Ironic, i haven't spoken to most of them in weeks,(my bad) and then boom, all in one day, I"m either talking to them on the phone or seeing them in public...

Am I dying?

HA HA HA!! (Get it?)

Anyway....Then, I come back home to put turtle abu, and Turtle's Unci breezes into my house, and wants to take us shopping. So, twist my arm geez. (HA HA. joke.) So, we go, and she buys turtle these amazing new shoes, that....SQUEAK!!! I LOVE IT!!
And so does turtle!
She wore those babies right out the door... no worries, they were paid for.
Then we ran some other errands and Unci left for home. But we had a nice visit, and turtle was in 7th heaven.
Then I make dinner and mihigna comes home, and turtle shows him her new squeaky shoes, and we all play and have dinner, then some really great family time that has me rolling on the floor in laughter. See, in case I haven't told you before, for those of you who don't know us; mihigna, is one of the MOST HILARIOUS people you will ever meet, and turtle has inherited his sense of humor. so, when they are both here, I'm always laughing. I finally got her to go to sleep which is why I'm up doing this blogging.

My life totally rocks, it really does. She (and he) are so amazing, it's beyond words.
Like I said before, I had something really rotten happen to me today, and mihigna and I talked about it while he was home for lunch and helped me feel so much better about it. And then, the family time helped of course, because who could not look at those two and NOT feel blessed? They are like divinity on earth.

I know i say it a lot on here, but really, they are TURTLE LOVE.

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