Tuesday, February 10, 2009

baby talk

When cunksi was newborn, mihigna and I discovered the baby language. We learned it and it really works. This was fabulous for us, in communicating with cunksi, but it was also very hard when we would go out in public.
Once you learn the language, you can't unlearn it. When you are inpublic, and babies are communicating all around you,but their needs aren't being met, it's very hard and extremely painful to listen to. Often times, other mothers don't want you help, they feel liek their toes are stomped on. But sometimes they do, so we would help people where we could.
Last night, I got to see the baby language applied universally. I knew it was, but to see it work outside the US, was really awesome!
We were watching that series Mark and Ollie, it's about these two guys who travel and live with different tribes for periods of time. Well, last night they were with the merenga, (or something) tribe. And the tribal women were holding a meeting while all their babies sat in slings, and intermittently breastfed. (SO AWESOME to see them not shamed out to whip out a boob and feed their babies, or to see some repressed woman run up to them and throw a blanket over their head!)

When they were done holding council, they started speaking to the camera, (with a translator) and one mother's baby was in the sling, out of the line of sight of the camera. But, as she spoke that baby started saying, "neh neh neh" which for those of you who speak baby, know that means "i'm hungry". It was soo cool!!

It's also really cool, because even when your child gets older and can communicate using words and phrases, they will still fall back on this old language. The other day, cunksi ran into the kitchen and said, "Neh neh neh" as she clambered up on me.
It was just really cool to see that it IS universal, and to see it in action in another country, as well as babies in slings, because it's natural and instinct and not just because it's "cool" and "in".

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