Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Up Late, Important UPDATE and a boot love affair

It's almost two a.m. I can't sleep.
I made the mistake of drinking a Pepsi tonight, and forgetting that the caffeine keeps me up. I haven't drunk Pepsi in awhile, so it really revs me up now. My body is really sensitive like that. So, I'm awake.
My update is that I'm going to be changing my blog url in a few weeks. It will still be here at blogspot.. but I'm going to change the actually address part. I have to check and make sure the one i want is available. I will let you know about it, the closer it gets.
Speaking of letting you know about things as they happen. This is way old news now, well for me. I talked about a month ago about the film treatment I was writing and I didn't want to say too much. Well, it's not going to happen. We didn't get funded. We sent the treatment in, but they didn't fund us, so it's a no go. Which is OK with me, because now we can just work on it more and send it out. But I'm also disappointed, because I could really have used that money right now. The situation was, a film maker approached me about buying the rights to one of my pieces, and I was a little skeptical; until I saw some of his work, talked to him and we stared doing some co writing. Then, I saw how amazing he was, how well he nailed the piece right on, and so after that I agreed. So, we started working together on this film which was a really great opportunity for me, since i had never gotten to see that side of screen writing. I took a course in it at USD once, but that didn't teach me anything.
Even though the film isn't going to happen right now, the good news is that I got a new, really great friend as a result of it, and a bigger network.

I tell you, some days, it is REALLY hard to not justsell out. But slow and steady.. and the rewards will be greater. Everything I've ever gotten that I've cherished has been slow and steady.
So, that is one long overdue update.
WE haven't gotten any further on the house issue. Part of us does just want to say heck with it, and go buy a modular home. But then I realize how very toxic that decision would be. So, I have to look into them first. Which is what is on my to-do list tomorrow, to call the people in Wnnr; and see what I can find out. I wish those people would just call me back and tell me whether or not they are willing to build the bale house for us or not. Just so we know. I'm getting to the point where I'm about ready to go all stalker on the one guy and follow him from site to site, until he tells me yes he will build it, or no, he won't. I'm good either way, just tell me.

This is another reason i have not been on here in awhile. I'm doing some battling. See, I've been cooped up in some form of indoors for many weeks now, and it's wearing on me. At least when I get to go to the IL's baby and i get a change of scenery, but it still isn't outside. I need to be outside!! I need to go for my walks, I need my nature... I need my fresh air. I'm getting muchly blah without it. I'm starting to understand a little what those people with SAD go through maybe. I fear these bitter cold temps will go on for a long time, with global warming and all, mihigna says no, but I'm getting doubtful. We have not had weather that was baby or adult appropriate for at least a month or more. We have had a few here, another there, but nothing consistent. I don't want to raise my daughter in a world where the winters are too cold for her to play outside. Na uh..I've got big plans for us. Snow angels, winter hiking, skating on the ponds, sledding, etc.

I remember when we lived here a few years ago.. I was hiking everyday throughout winter, ok, well, most of it. And we had snow.. but they were still bearable. Not this freeze your face off cold.
Ok, I've run out of things to say... and I'm actually starting to get sleepy.

For now, oh! Wait!
First, a story wrought with cuteness! It's a turtle story, so how could it be anything but? HA! HA!
Turtle has had a growth spurt and outgrew her shoes, so we went to get more. Now, for those of you not in the loop, her very first pair of "shoes" were these cute pink and white soft soled things with little horses on them, that her La La bought for her when we first moved back here. She LOVED those things, wore them all the time and when she outgrew her first pair, she refused to wear anything else with the exception of real moccasins. So, when it was time, we bought the next size up in the horse shoes. Same reaction. So, I figured this time, why mess with the pattern? Except, the store didn't have those shoes in her size. UH OH! Well, the lady tried to get me to buy her some tennis shoes, um, NO!!!

So, I took her over to the Minnetonka moccasin display, and asked her which pair she liked best.. she grabbed the pink ones, of course. But then....
she saw the boots.
Pink boots.

She grabbed them, sat down and proceeded to put them on. We, (the kind, employee, who fell madly in love with turtle, and I) got them on her and she was as pleased as punch. Now, pay heed to the fact that this child has never had hard soled shoes on her tiny turtle feet. No, she was born into a pair of moccasins made just for her, and has had several pairs since then. She went from those to the "white man's" moccasin, (the above mentioned horse shoes.)
So, watching a little turtle wobble around in a hard soled shoe, was a bit funny and cute, to watch. She looked drunk. But see, if I haven't said it before, I'll say it now. She's a mini me. We don't know defeat. She'd wobble, fall down, try to figure out how to get back up in those hard things, get up and go again. All the while looking back at me, huge smile on her face, proud of herself and her amazing prowess. I, of course, was grinning like the madly-in-love, my-child-is-the-most amazing-thing-I've-ever-laid-eyes-on, glowing Ina, that I am.
But, she mastered it. She wore those boots out of the store.

Oh, the love affair with boots that all children seem to go through. I did, Mihigna did. There is nothing like your first pair of cow(person) boots.
Aaaah.. it almost makes me want to go get a pair for myself... then I remember how I ended up on the brink of ruined feet. Wait, was it the boots, or the figure skates? ... Anyway...

So, turtle is in love with the boots, wears them all over, has totally mastered her ability to navigate in them. (Cuz she's the most awesome turtle of them all!!) And she totally looks styling in them no matter what she wears.
Tonight, I got home from my "me" time, she came running out to greet me, jumped in my arms, (such a perk of motherhood, I tell you, it's better than a dog.) and she was wearing a onesie, and those boots. TOO CUTE!!!!

Oohh, I could go on about her for hours. There are only two people I could constantly talk about and never get bored, or run out of things to say..much less ever stop glowing and smiling at the mere thought of them.
That's Mihigna, and Cunksi.

Now THAT'S turtle love....

and it doesn't get any better than that.

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