Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I spent my inauguration Day

I totally MISSED the swearing in of the best president to date!! I have been waiting...WAITING, for this day!!! If I'd had more gumption, I would have been throwing an inauguration party.. except I was too lazy. Or too busy, one of the two.

And just why did I miss said event?
Well, because I was being a turtle momma. You see, the weather was 50* today!!! So you can imagine, turtle and I were out in it, soaking up some much needed vitamin D!! And as the sun sets, I am a very happy Winyan!!!!

We swung on the swing, walked around the neighborhood, she walked on her two little turtle feet, (such cute ones too!) and occasionally rode/pushed the winnie the pooh car about. It was big fun! We watched Maga's fly over, tons and tons of them!!! She called to them, and waved. We petted the rogue neighborhood dog. (No worries, he was nice, I just call him rogue because he is away from his house more than he is at it.) Then we did some more swinging and had a ride about in the stroller.
It was really cool to see her observe her world now, now that she can walk on her own, and notice things she never noticed before, like power lines and tree tops.
Then her Unci M came over, and won her over with mc'd's french fries, her fave! Then later, took her out for ice cream! She was a very happy turtle. Then we came home and turtle crashed! She took a good long nap and woke up ready for more play! I have these flash cards for her, because she loves to match and sort, so we played a game of that, and then she walked me around and around the house by the hand. As we were walking back through the kitchen, Mihigna said, "She is very bonded with her Ina." That made my heart warm. I love her so. I get all goofy and nutty when I talk or think about her, as I do with her At'e. What can I say, that's turtle love.

So, yes, I missed the swearing in, but I wouldn't have traded my day for anything.

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