Thursday, January 1, 2009

Funny wacipi games, and funny bad texting

Today was so fun.
We went to the pow wow, and I saw a few people there I knew and haven't seen in a long time. One of the people was this girl who was my teen miss Indian Day when I was Miss Indian Day. That was really great to see her, since it has been years!!!

Anyway, they were waiting for grand entry to start and to kill the time they played a game. So they went around the room, pulling people out at random, they grabbed my MIL, but she told them to take me, so I went. There were eight of us, and we had to pick a partner, so I picked my friend, Ista Skan, and then they told us what we had to do.

While the drum played a song, we had to dance for the first push up,( a push up is like a verse) then when the second came around, the first person on the team had to run down to the other end of the room and drink a pop completely then run back, so the second person could run down and had to eat an orange completely. So, Ista Skan said she'd drink, and I'd eat. Ok, I was fine with that. But before we started the other girls said:
"You said we had to do a PUSH UP?!"
We all really laughed and then the guy said: "NO, you have to dance for the first push up"

So the drum started and we danced and then Ista Skan took off and guzzled that drink, but she almost spit it back up cuz she was drinking so fast! Then she finally got most of it, but some came back out, you know how pop bites back sometimes. And that got all over the floor, but she finished and ran back to me. So I ran down there and when i got down there, i realized, it wasn't an orange... it was a GRAPEFRUIT!!!!

So I started peeling it, and trying to eat it fast. I was doing pretty good, but then i looked down the room at S and I started laughing and had to stop eating or I was gonna choke! There was a guy on my right and two girls on my left, so i really started eating fast. the guy on my left finished, so then i tried to eat faster, but one girl got done before me and then i finished, and finally the last girl got done. We didn't win anything, but it was really fun!

A.Wapostan ska came up and asked me after wards how the grapefruit was, I said "good", but what I should have said was, "Big." But it was REALLY fun!

We went back to the IL's house, but turtle was really tired, so we headed home not long after that. It was a really great time though, we really had a great time.

We first went to the pow wow in town, but no one was there, and there were W.I.C's* (Wild Indian Children) running around and they hit my MIL in the back of the head with a football, and then kept throwing it around. So we left and went to SF, everyone was there, all the drums and people. That is the older one anyway, the one that has been around forever. I'm glad we all went, well, me turtle, mighigna and MIL.

Now we are home, turtle is asleep, she has been fighting it all DAY!! Mihigna and I hung out and had some quality MA-PA time.

In funniness:

Earlier, I was sending some text messages and I was really messing them up. This is what they read...

to Mihigna: "Out the soup."

to MIL: "kaeen stayed at deciza hmaz hoist."

Needless to say, they bounced back to me. I read them and burst out laughing because they were so funny, and so off!!
I haven't quite gotten down texting on my new blackberry and i certainly can't text when I'm trying to keep one eye on turtle.

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