Friday, January 23, 2009

As the snow falls.....

Turtle and I spent every waking moment outside yesterday, knowing the temperature was going to drop today. It isn't bad out there right now, not that frigid stuff we were having.
But we had so much fun in the sun and playing all over. We walked to the library and got some new books, and the lady who checked us out fell in love with turtle. Of course, she is turtle after all, I dare anyone NOT to fall in love with her!
Then last evening, we went to a dinner hosted by mihigna's co worker; everyone loves her there. The guy who was hosting had not yet met her, needless to say, he is now a fan! He likes the fact that she speaks Lakota and is bilingual.

The temperature has dropped significantly since I've started this post, and now it is much to cold to be outside. Turtle is greatly dissapointed. I will have to come up with new and interesting things to do inside. The excitement of coloring, playdough and painting is wearing thin.

Maybe we should move onto sculptures.

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