Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know I keep getting on here, then off. But I'm restless tonight.
I'll update you.
Remember when I talked about our land search and move and such?
Well, the land situation has been taken care of. We will soon be the owners of three acres of which to call our own. We WILL be building a straw bale house on it, and that is where we will be raising Turtle. And having a garden. And rising Chickens,(for eggs, and for eating.)Turtle will be able to have her sunka's!
I'm excited!
We were hoping to get into it by next fall, but we have decided to go with a two year plan.. that way if we end up having to do all the work ourselves with only friends coming out to help during the summer, we won't be all stressed out AND homeless.
The less stress, the better.
I'm just so excited to be able to have a place to call our own.. and stop dangling in the air anymore. That is such a relief. We've been doing that for a year now...and it was getting old. it is 0 degrees!!!!!

And I've run out of things to say.....
so I'm off to wander again.. I've got the worst case of insomnia lately.
It's from being cooped up.
Send me messages dear friends.. show me beautiful pictures! Play outside for me, take a stroll for me. Share your world with me....

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