Thursday, December 11, 2008


Perfection Personified
Mary Black Bonnet

(For Cunksi)

I sit here typing,
half longing to be next to you.
Breathe you in,
feel you smash tight against me.
Sometimes you curl into a ball,
as if you are trying to get back inside.
I wrap my arms around you; remembering.
I loved having you in my belly,
and I'd do it again in an instant.
But it's even greater having you here,
where I can caress you, kiss you, hold you.
I look at you now,
so big and strong.
Charging through the world,
knowing it's yours.
As you should.

As all children should.

Childhood should be
the world for your taking.

So go, my active turtle,
Charge through life.
Be. Breathe. Laugh. Eminate.
You are perfection personified.

1 comment:

Kim Wentz said...

That was beautiful! And I love the picture! Hope all is well with you!