Wednesday, December 24, 2008

oh oh ho!!!

The first christmas that mihigna and I spent together, we went out and bought all these decorations.. I LOVE christmas. ONe of the things we bought was a wreath made of grapevines, and it had a snow man and a little saying. WE got it home, decorated the house and enjoyed our first christmas together.
One day I happened to be staring at the wreath and noticed it said: OH OH HO.
WE laughed our butts off, and it is now our little xmas joke.
Sadly, two moves ago, all our xmas decorations didn't move with us. Oops.
They were the decorations we have had since the start of our realtionship. Now we will just have to tell turtle the story. I can just hear her saying...

"So, Ina, no more Oh oh ho?"

Ha haa! Speaking of which, she CAN say, ho ho ho. She's soo cute!!!
We are gearing up for the festivities here.
Again, like I said last year, I don't need a single thing. I got my turtle, that is all I could ever need. Who's to say in twenty five years, or when I'm on my deathbed, the material gifts I've been given over the years will even matter. All that matters is that I have a beautiful family who I'm madly in love with!

I hope you all have beautiful holidays with your loved ones!

I wish you health, and happiness, joy, growth and peace for your new year. May your troubles not be soo intense they seem insurmountable.

Be well, be loved and love others.

Happy Holidays! Happy solstice (late) Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!!

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Anonymous said...

You said I never comment, but here I am commenting. Happy New Year to the turtle and her family!