Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Motor mouth and December view

I had never eaten a pomegranate before.. they are delish!
I took these, because they strike me as very female, they seem very much about fertility, seeding, uterine-ly fleshy.

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joanne said...

delightful images and words...

...and i just burst out in giggles...the memories of eating pomegranates picked fresh from the tree with my best friend when i was a little girl just came flooding over me...our mothers would always have us sit outside by the pool in our bathing suits so that we wouldn't stain any of our clothing, and we would so so enjoy our time together eating those luscious seeds...the effort was most of the fun...

conveniently, we would then go swimming cleanup necessary :)

i agree! they do seem very feminine...juicy, red, seeding, fleshy, and very complex.