Monday, December 8, 2008

Heading Out

Tonight, I grew very restless. The snow was falling and I longed to be out in it, taking pictures, listening to it hit the ground.
I longed to don snow boots and pants and my nice warm coat..and meander in the evening, watching the town fill up with snow. (How could anyone with a literary bone in their body see snow falling and not be taken back immediately to Frost's poem?)
Then come back in and crawl into a steaming bath. Drink Tea and read a fabulous book.

But my responsibilities kept me house bound.

I read December's post.. and I think i will join the challenge. I feel the need to be still for a bit.. maybe my head will clear, my muscles will un-knot themselves.
We'll see. For now, I want to be still, to sit in the dark and watch the snow fall.
I will post here.. maybe, but definitely at my photo
Join me/us.
It's's winter...and it's beautiful.


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