Monday, December 15, 2008

Dry winter air

I went to bed last night with a headache, and I still have one. I woke up and took some ibuprofen, just because it was so bad. I usually don't take those kinds of things. My nose is all ooogey, I'm not sure why. It sort of feels like when I have a cold, but I don't. And Hopefully I'm not getting one.

The weather is FREEZING...-14 here. So, turtle and I will be staying inside for the next few days. Hopefully I can get some housework done and some projects started.

I hope this whatever it is, goes away. I think it is because the air in the house is so dry..forced air heat. But I hope turtle doesn't feel like this, it is very uncomfortable.

1 comment:

joanne said...

i hope you are feeling better soon and it didn't turn into a cold...i can't even imagine temperatures that cold...