Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas gathering

well, we did our extended family Xmas today, because mihigna's parents will be out of town for Xmas. It was so fun, and so wonderful. We took our family picture, and ate some delicious food! We were all stuffed, but we wanted to keep eating!!!
Turtle got some amazing gifts from her Unci and La and some great clothes from Santa!
The weather was beautiful, about 40* and so mihigna, Turtle, Tojan and I all headed out back to do some tobogganing. Turtle LOVED it! There is a giant snow drift still hanging around from that storm a few weeks ago, so we slid down it. Turtle's first sledding,and she just loved it! Unci took lots of pics, I wanted to, but I was to busy playing with turtle to do so!

Then Unci found an old promo tape of Mihigna's band, seventh generation, so we all watched that. Man, that was awesome! He had the most beautiful long hair! It was great to see the tape, and turtle got to see her Ate waaay back when.
It was a fabulous day, and now turtle is sleeping.
Life is so incredibly wonderful!

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