Thursday, December 4, 2008

blah blah blah

Finally, a bit of time to myself. I need some breathing room.

I long to go take some picutures, I see everyone else's and I'm a bit jealous.
Time will come. It's about 3 degrees here, and has been bitterly cold out the past few days. Too cold for a little turtle to be out. She's going a bit stir crazy over it to though; so hopefully it will warm a bit; enough for us to get out.
I'm excited about Christmas. I love the holidays. I love that we have snow.
I had other things I was going to post on here, but they are deep, and heavy, and sad. I don't want to drag myself down right now.. even though to unload would be good.
I have some great news though.. I found a very dear old friend. We lost each other when I headed to SD, and she down south. Ten years have gone by.. but our friendship hasn't changed.
She's so great, we can laugh for hours.

I'll be back.

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