Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Christmas post

We had a wonderful Christmas! Turtle had so much fun, and amused all of us to no end!!

Mihigna has been home, so that has been WONDERFUL!!!!
And after our guests left, we all just lazed around and took nice long naps and spent some quality family time together.

I was laying in bed last night thinking about how different our lives are now, how much better they are, how complete. Last year, turtle was so new, being a mom was so new, i was still in a daze. I loved it, but I was dazed. She was so little too, I look at her now, and it's a bit sad... she's growing into this beautiful little girl. ohhhhh. and yey!!!

Anyway, she got lots of nice presents from all her adoring fans, (us included). So, she has a lot to play with. Today we spent the day playing outside in the snow, playing chase around the house, taking a few naps, with a few games of soccer thrown in.
I downloaded all the xmas pics, all 265 of them, along with many videos we took. There were some really cute ones in there. I'll post some of them.

My brain is a bit mushy.. not much thinking going on.... i may have to come back when I know what I really want to say.

Here is a smallish note to a certain person..."Annom". So, to you I say... you're fabu, it was lovely to talk to you and thanks for saying hi!!!!

more later, when i'm not so blah blah blah.

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