Monday, November 10, 2008


Up north of us, they were all snowed in. Both mihigna's sets of parents were snowed in. We didn't get it bad down here... just icy and snow on the ground. It was a nice weekend. I loved it, mihigna was home, since he couldn't go to the rez to go access...due to snow drifts. So, we all hung out here, and played with turtle, who kept us amused for hours, as she always does.

We have some good news.. but I'm not quite ready to share it yet. So, when I am, I will.
I went shopping today, to stock up on some things, now that we have a freezer, a chest freezer, yey!!! It is such a relief to have that thing, it really has made me paranoid with all this crazy weather. Although, since this house is all electric, if we lost power for days on end, like they have up north, we might be screwed. Which is why we need to get our own place ASAP, where we can have solar and wind power and not have worries if we lose electricity.

Turtle's hampas came in today, as well as her crayons. The hanpas were too small, even though I measured against their foot thing, so they will have to be exchanged for a bigger size. But she LOVES her crayons.. and I don't have to worry about any toxins gettting into her since she is still in the "let's eat it" phase. They are beeswax crayons from a place called FABULOUS website, that I will be using again and again. They get a four star rating from me!!!

This weekend, we also went on the hunt for the elusive baby snow boot. Let me tell ya, in this small town, NE, they are non exsistant! What a rip off. Mihigna said it is probably because as soon as they can walk here, they are put in a pair of cowboy boots. He said that is what they wore when they were small. Well, yes, as did I, but I also remember very well how fricking froze ass my feet were. GRanted, I loved them too much to take them off, but now as a mother, I dont' want my daughter's feet to be cold however "fun" cowboy boots are. See, my mother WAS right.. She did know way more than I gave her credit for growing up. OYY, it's all coming back to bite me in the butt!! LOL. What goes around comes around.... My mother was a saint when it came to raising me and putting up with me, I certainly gave her a run for her money. (Literally, lol.)

I find myself worrying about things reguarding turtle that i remember my own mother worrying over. Was I dressed warm enough, did I have the best choice of foot wear for such cold conditions, why on earth wouldn't I keep my hat on? When I was a child, I simply could not understand why she was so concenred about such things, things that were hardly a blip on my screen. Aaaa, but now. Now I GET it. Because I am in the postion of worrier. My little turtle is a mini me, she wants to run amuck with no clothes on, and no shoes and no hat.
mother forgive all my shrugging off your concern. I get it now, I SO get it. But the great thing about my mother was that she knew me well enough to know that she could say all she anted to me, but I was a child of life school, i wouldn't do anything unless i learned the consequences on my 0wn. "oh, so when you don't wear a hat on a very cold day.. you do get cold faster." Oh, wearing cowboy boots in three feet of snow is not only a slipping hazzard, it also makes for wet, cold feet."
My mother gets so much credit. and I will now be able to take the deep breath she had to many tiimes, step back and let turtle do take the same path I did. Hopefully, she will learn thigns faster than I did. But, I love knowing that turtle is like me. She has my tenacity, and my zest for life. I love it. I will be able to be here to help her, when she needs it....and sometimes when she doens't think she does.

In other news, I'm excited for the holidays. I have not been excited for a few years. I was always a big holiday person, then after we lost the babies and I slipped into that deep depression, I stopped doing anything big for the holidays. But then turtle came. And my excitement it back.
I have called MIL to see if she will come over for xmas and mihigna's sister. I have big plans for baking and decorating and making some gifts. I love the holidays, and it will be really fun this year, because turtle will be able to do more things. She loves to help cook and wash dishes.
I'm excited!

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