Saturday, November 22, 2008


It's been a busy couple of days around here for the little turtle. She's doing all kinds of amazing things. She has started "marching" now. And today she said "bye bye" for the first time. She is running, and sorting things. Running and sorting things is a 18-24 mo milestone. She is so amazing!

Last Sat, mihigna got a deer, so we have been enjoying the fruits of that labor! I'm salting the pelt right now, it's down in the basement. I've never done that before, so we'll see what happens! I should post pics of it for you! I should have done a before and after. Oh well. Maybe you'll just get an "after."

Today we made pumpkin pie from scratch. I've become very domestic these days and am making as many things as possible from scratch. I prefer this because I don't want preservatives or nitrates in the food Turtle, or I, or Mihigna eats. It's all cumulative, and since she is still breastfeeding, I need to be aware of that. What I mean by that is, lets say we eat something with nitrates in it; well she eats her portion of whatever it is we are eating, and then I eat mine. She gets a dose of it from the food she ate, then whatever is passed to her through my breast milk. And yes, things like that do get passed. So, I have stopped buying bread, spaghetti sauce, canned pumpkin, canned biscuits, anything in cans really, because they are in aluminum cans or aluminum lined canisters... and we don't need aluminum poisoning either. So, it has been a lot of home made stuff. Which I am loving.. and so is the fam. I'm making pumpkin pies for turkey day, from scratch. Turtle loved cleaning out the pumpkin for them, and i love knowing exactly what is in my pie.

On thursday, we went to the bowling ally and she was playing with some girls and she fell and smacked her head on the floor, and got a huge gooseegg.. holy shit was I scared. I called the dr to make sure I didn't need to take her in, (this was only after I prevented myself from driving directly over there, because I was so panicked.) She has never had a goose egg before. I felt bad for her, but I felt horrible that it happened. I took her home and put some burt's bees boo boo juice on it, and it is all better. It never even bruised. I was worried, because it was really huge when it happened. I LOVE BURT'S BEES, this stuff is soo great, it is universal and helps with everything! She is fine, but man, that was rough on me!

It was so lovely here today that we took a walk this afternoon. We went to the fish hatchery, we went to the canyon first, but realized it was still hunting season.. so we went to the hatchery instead. She had a blast, walked around and looked at everything. Then she got cold, so we had to hightail it back to the van.

Tonight, she put herself to bed, and is sleeping really well. Her grandparents were here for a visit, and she told them to "go bye bye" so she could go to bed! It was so funny! So, I put her to bed, and she is sleeping peacefully.

So, I'm off to do some Ina work.
for now,

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