Sunday, November 2, 2008

update and Ina type things

We had a great holloween, turtle went to a holloween party hosted by her cousin's school. Her GPs were there, and so they all had fun together. She played some games and won some prizes. She did not however, win a costume catagory. The judges were blinded by her adorableness and simply couldn't even see her.
In the afternoon, we went downtown and walked in the annual holloween parade. Wow! What a great thing! Every, well most every, child in our town, and parent walks down main street in thier costumes, it is so cool! The streets are blocked off and everything. Then, when they reach the end, they go back down to every shop and go trick or treating. SO COOL!!!! Turtle and I walked in the parade and then went to all her patron friends to say hello. They all loved her of course, and were all so happy to see her dressed up. Officer Mcbride saw her and said "That is the best costume I have seen all day! She is really cute! " AWWW! Then he gave her a Jr. PD officer sticker! Just cute!!! I wished I could have taken pics of it all, but I was carrying turtle, so I couldn't shoot any. I'm very glad we got to do that, it was a lot of fun, and a memory for turtle.
On sat, we went to K, K and W's holloween party, and had a BLAST! There were all kinds of great people there and we made new friends and had a grand time! We playes some games and laughed a lot! Turtle jumped right in and played wiht the other children and charmed all the adults! Everyone wanted to hold her and talk to her! She even sat on E's husbands lap! Whoa!
It was a very cool, fun weekend!
The weather has been fab! Tday it was 80! It is supposed to be nice until wednesday, so we will be outside again tomorrow!
Today, I finally got around to watching Juno. I was dissapointed. I don't know what I expected, but not that. J.Garner did a fabulous job of being a longingly childless woman though. I was very happy wiht how it turned out though.. for her anyway. That is really all I have to say about that.
I'm glad it is novemeber, I'm ready for some cool weather and holidays.

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