Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pilamiya' ye

The pies were a success! Everyone LOVED them!

I found out that the pie mix wasn't bad,it was just natural pumpkin, it didn't have any preservatives OR high fructose corn syrup in it. AND it was in a STEEL container, that was recyclable!
Woo hoo! Score by pure luck!

We had a lovely day. Absolutely wonderful. We had dinner with mihigna's parents and sister and her hubby, and we were joined by a friend who is the drummer for the Inipis. Turtle was loving all the attention and adoring from her fan club! She had a blast, running around and playing (charming) everyone. After dinner I was able to take a family photo. I'm hoping to make that a holiday tradition from now on. We need it.

I am truly filled to the brim this year. I was last year, but I was still coming down off my new birth high. I don't recall much other than being so focused on turtle and enjoying having my parents and grandma there.

But this year is even more wonderful because we are back on this side of the river, (the "good" side, the home side.) We are not far from Mihigna's folks who would do anything for us and are crazy in love with turtle. (who isn't though?)They are so supportive to both of us and have been so welcoming to me since I walked into their lives.
I am so grateful to have turtle in our lives, she just completes everything.
We are closer to completing our dream of having our own "place" where we can settle down and raise turtle.
I have the best husband in the world, who pulls double duty of being amazing to both me AND turtle.
My life is rich,full and wonderful, and blessed beyond measure.
All is right in my world, and I am most grateful.
Pilamiya ye.

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