Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Poem

I wrote a new poem, it's rough. I haven't written for awhile, it will get better. (Don't copy this with out permission please.)

The Visit
Mary Black Bonnet

Turkey Day plus two,
you walked into my dream.
Apologizing your tardiness,
you were checking the kids.
We talked laughed,
I almost forgot you were dead.

We watched someone's children playing outside,
you told me to be careful, they'd need me.
Your meaning slipped by me at the time,
then the boys came.

My precursor to motherhood.

I remember the day you died...
the gut level, body wracking sobs
that come from true sorrow.
The way I hid in my truck,
cried myself into a state of sleep.

Not caring if I woke up.

We gathered together again,
found resolve to go on.
Knowing if we gave up,
you'd be pissed.

I left for my house that night,
completely spent and numb.
I saw you walking down the road...
you smiled and waved.

I knew you were home.

C. 2008

1 comment:

JenX67 said...

very nice. i know what it's like to be in that truck.