Friday, November 14, 2008

It's snowing again

It was a wonderfully snowy day here! It is still snowing, the ground is all covered up again with a soft fluffy white blanket. I love how quiet it gets when it snows, so quiet you can hear it. When Mihigna and I were first together, that is one question he asked me, "can you hear snow fall?" I told him yes. It was fate. 9 years later, we still love each other... and love to listen to snow fall.

I bought holiday decorations today. Fun! It will a bit hard to do this year, because we are in this tiny apartment, and we can't put anything on the walls, but we will manage.

Mihigna is going deer hunting tomorrow. I am actually excited for him to go. I have never really given it much thought; but for some odd reason, I've caught the hunting bug. I guess because I will be glad to fill our freezer with deer meat. Yummariffic!

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