Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I caved like a fillingless pie....OR...Would you like some aluminum with that pumpkin?

I was telling you all about making my pumpkin pie from scratch right?
Well, I made it.
Then I ate it.
The filling was fabu!
The crust SUCKED!!!

So I went to the store, bought a pre- made pie crust, and pie filling and made another pie.

And ate that one. (Thank god for breastfeeding and kick ass genetics.) Hey, I HAD to try it to make sure it was of good enough quality to feed to the rest of the family.

So, now I have to make another pie for the actual festivities tomorrow. That one will be out of a can, and on a pre-made pie crust.

A bit of aluminum anyone?

Live and learn.. and then get a better pie crust recipe.

Hope I made you laugh.
Happy Turkey Day all!

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