Wednesday, November 12, 2008

61 Trees

I LOVE NPR, and for some odd reason, when it gets cold, I yearn for NPR's comforting public radio ishness. You NPR lovers know what I mean.

As turtle slept, NPR played on my portable radio, flowing out the morning news from around the world. That is when I heard the story about this scientist woman who decided to use her science wiles to find out how many trees were on earth. It was a surprising large number...sigh of relief. But, then she broke it down to trees per person. nervous, sweating commenced.... the number was 61.
We all have 61 trees for our very own person, if you will. That made me relax a bit, but then she went on to tell us about how she told her husband that number and he said, "It seems like a lot, but then you think about the wood we used to build this house and the wood we use in our woodstove, and suddenly, it doesn't seem like very much." (more or less loosely quoted.) They went on to talk about all the wood related items that are in our world, and boy, those personal trees not only disappeared so fast I heard them go "pop" but, I started seeing people having to steal other people's trees just due to thier rampant use of wood products.... I was saddened. And a bit afraid. Much like I felt after watching An Inconvient Truth.

But, they told us that the good thing about trees is they are replenishable.
So they are. I know this, and love this fact. I was told that when you do something big, like build a house, you are supposed to plant three trees for every one that you tear down. I made a note to myself that I would indeed, do that, if not more. We have yet to own land on which to build said house, but what the hell. I'll plant trees anyway. In this town, they were rampaged by fire last year, and so it is a constant thing around here for people to be out planting trees. I will be joining them.

And when we do get our land.. I will be planting as many trees as I possibly can.
But even more than that, I'm going to be SUPER aware of my wood product consumption.... because I don't want to have to be stealing anyone else's trees just to keep me in whatever bad- tree -consuming habit I may have. After all, I might as well think that those are my Daughter's trees I'm stealing.

That has enough power for me to get it right.

What are you going to do with your 61 trees?


Meaghan said...

I *do* get your love for NPR and all its glorious NPRishness! (As I type this, Steve Inskeep's bright voice is helping wipe the night's cobwebs from my mind and get my brain moving again!)

I missed this report but will look it up on line; it sounds like a good one. Thank you for highlighting it.

To put things like human consumption and waste into a new perspective like this is always informative--and shocking. Thanks for the reminder to live consciously, aware of our impact, with an eye toward the future--a future which will one day be our children's present.

Ashley said...

I love NPR as well. I have it playing throughout the day so I can hear what is going on in the world. I wish more people would listen.