Friday, October 10, 2008

wow and a bit of a soapbox rant.

I got an email from a friend who is a professor and I met him when he was at Colorado College last year when I was brought in as a visiting author. We have maintained contact and he let me know that there is a guy who wants to use my story as a movie script. Mihigna thinks I should do it. So, I will call the guy this weekend, and see what he has to say.
wow, exciting.. but scary all at the same time. I will keep you posted when I know more, but wanted to let you in on that bit of news.

My concerns are: it will generate more work for me, which is great.. but i worry about the time it will take me away from turtle to. (She travels with me now, and will continue to do so. Thankfully, it is just built into my contract that she comes, and it isn't negotiable.) But more work means, I need to have time to write, and prepare for presentations... which is time away from turtle. Which as most of you AP parents understand... my whole year has been spent focusing mainly on turtle, I'd write when she was sleeping when she was younger. Now that she is older and mobile, watching her is all I do all day.

And see, we had a master plan. Mihigna would travel with us when he could but when he couldn't come, we would have a nanny that would travel with me to my readings and be on duty while I was reading or giving presentations or sitting on panels, or whatever. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked out, because the person we had for the job, her life fell apart and she backed out. This left us having to looking at agencies. SCARY. See, I WAS a nanny, I LOVED it. But the corporation I worked for, was through, did complete background checks, extensive interviews, trial jobs, etc. So the parents who were getting us, KNEW they were getting a reliable, trustworthy nanny. I don't feel this is the case anymore. I would go through the agency that hired me, but she doesn't do that anymore. And it has been enough years that I've been away from the nanny business, not to mention I've never been a nanny or had one in SD OR NE. It's scary as hell. But what do I do. This has been a dilemma for us, because I continue to go on readings, presentations, ect. Mihigna comes, but he can't continue to come and so my scedule is done around his, when he can take the time off, etc. But now that she is older, and soo very attached to me, it's gotten a bit more difficult. When I gave my reading at the conference, mihigna watched her, but at the end of my reading, when it was Q&A time, she refused to be apart from me anylonger, adn I had to have her come out on the floor with me. She was well behaved, and quiet because she had her Ina, but there was a comment on my evaluation (from the public) that said they felt it was unprofessional. WHICH brings me to another point.

To the above comment I say.... PISS OFF and deal with it. We practice attachment parenting, and therefore, the child comes with the package. In Lakota society...we do not put our children in one place while we are in another. On that note.... I'll bring up another advantage of AP.... when your child is with you all the time, no matter where you go, they LEARN how to behave in public the proper way. If you are constantly shutting them out of your activities, they will not know how to behave, because they have not been in that environment to learn. Turtle knows how to behave in public, because she has been in public since she was born. In Vermillion, she would sit quietly with me for hours while I visited with friends. Now granted, there are some things you need to provide to your child to help this process. Like, age appropriate toys, and things to do to make them content. There is a website by a woman from another country who wrote a essay, or book, or somethign on this very subject... I need to find that again.. because it is so important for people to read that. But she talks about the very same thing. Bringing your child with you where ever you go, shows, has and promotes the same benefits as carrying your baby in a sling.
Ok, sorry to get on a bit of a soap box, but I had to say that.

If I offended anyone, I'm sorry. Please let me know and we can discuss it.
Ok, I'm off to write a bit while turtle sleeps.
Be well, and thanks for listening. Feel muchly free to comment!!! :) Other perspectives are always good, and I know I sometimes need them.

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JenX67 said...

when we take my older daughter to her volleyball games i've noticed some parents annoyed that we bring our little ones with us. they run out on the court. i know it's annoying, but we go together - everywhere - as much as we can. We are a family - a unit - and we are learning to love others by first loving, respecting, etc., each other.