Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, we left for the hills on friday... and man. it started out badly, we were rushed because we were worried about weather, then mihigna was stressed from work, and then cunksi broke down on the way from white river to murdo..which STRESSED ME MAJOR!!!! There is nothing that puts me in panic mode than cunksi crying and escalting and me not being able to help her calm down. (i was driving) On top of that.. the weather was rainy and misty and we had to worry about it freezing.
BUT, we finally made it, and went to bed!!!
the rest of th weekend was pretty fun. we woke up today to snow.. but it melted befre i could get a pic, i was packing up the car.. and then it was melty and not as pretty.
ok , i gotta go. more later, when i'm more coherent

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