Tuesday, October 28, 2008

walking in sun

Turtle's costume came today, and she imediately wanted it put on, s we did and omg! It's so cute! I took pics, so I will download them and get them on here. My dam O on my keyboard is acting up...s there will be some missing. anyway.
I went for a walk with my walking friend this AM and met a new friend E, she is the mother of three bys and she is very nice. Turtle had fun and we all enjoyed a beatuiful walk. She lives out in the country and I'm MONDO jealous of her place... 20 acres of BEAUTY!! Damn, I'd never leave if I lived there! Effing gorgeous! So, we will all do it again.. I loved having a bit of nature about me, as did turtle. All around us, there were long horns in the pastures.. something turtle was over the moon about! She also got to see guineas... and laughed her head off at them.

It felt good to be outside.. and the sun warmed my bones and lifted my spirit. I've been in an odd place lately and wasn't sure if it was because I was feeling lonely. It wasn't until I had a child that i realized how valuable female friendships are. Well, that isn't true. I knew how valuable they were when I lived in Verm town. But before I had achild.. I could spend hours sitting and visiting with them. Here, I don't have real tight friendships like I did there. My one friend works full time and my other seems only to be a walking friend. we walk in the morning, then part ways and don't talk until our next walk really. I'm fairly social and outgoing, I like having connections to other people. So, today was lovely, hopefully we will do it regularly.

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