Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A very boring post

Turtle sleeps. Mihigna is teaching his MMA class. I have some time now, to do something. I'm not sure what though. I always get like this at night... like a butterfly on acid, floating about, with lots to do, but not exactly sure what I want to concentrate on.
First, let me address the comments that have been coming in, thank you, they are all lovely. I'd like to respond to them, but I don't have your email addy's so please send them to me at my email:

I was able to get turtle down at a decent hour tonight...her sleeping has been a bit off lately, not always, but often enough. Yes, I'm one of those mothers who do worry that she isn't getting enough sleep. Her napping seems to be doing well, though, one day she will have her regular two naps a day and others she will only have her morning nap. Is this normal for other babies? I try not to worry, but sometimes it is hard. She has never had sleeping issues... as a matter of fact, from the moment we brought her home from the hospital she set her bedtime. By 7 she was ready and down. these days, it's closer to 8 sometimes. But if she is tired, I'll put her down when she tells me to. She will literally walk me into the room and point to the bed. She's soo smart. Anyway, I'm babbling on about sleeping, probably not the most exciting topic. I'm just getting words on the page.
I'm really quite boring this evening... sorry.
I'll go do something else, if I think of something more fun to say.. I'll come back.

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