Sunday, October 5, 2008

A story about YOU

Mi cunksi,
when I was a teenager, my then boyfriend insisted that I go with him to see the movie, LION KING. I'd seen the previews, and I could tell someone in it was going to die, so I had NO desire to see it. I didn't like those kinds of movies, where they make you fall in love with someone from the movie, only to have them die. No thanks, real life was hard and sad enough.
But somehow, I gave in and went to see it. I'm glad I did. It ranks as one of the best movies I've ever seen. In the beginning, when Mufasa presents Simba to the animal kingdom, I CRIED! It is probably one of, if not THE most powerful scenes in the whole movie. I cried because even as a cocky, cynical teenager, I could see the powerful love and pride (I'm tearing up now, just writing this.) that Simba's parents had for him. I knew that when I had a child, this is how I would feel, proud, and that my child's life should be celebrated.
The movie ended, life moved on and I mostly forgot about that movie.

Many moons, life experiences and losses later, your At'e (not the above mentioned boyfriend) and I were blessed with you. In our culture, (Lakota) we have a welcoming ceremony for babies when they are born. You were no exception. We had a welcoming ceremony for you. Many people came and said beautiful things about you, read you poems, blessings, sang you songs, and welcomed you. These are people who had been on our journey with us as we waited and longed for you. I spoke, your At'e spoke. There were many, many tears, (HAPPY TEARS) shed. And when we were all done talking, your AT'e held you over his head as we presented you to the world, and those in the room. Believe me, if I'd had the capability, I'd have had that song or video playing in the background. Everyone clapped and cheered for the "official" presentation of our little turtle! Now, when I hear that song, circle of life, I think of that movie, and it's power, and now, I always think of you.
I love you, thank you again for choosing us as your parents, the honor is ours.
unsicilake pi lila tanka,
Ni Ina na At'e.

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Ferocious Kitty said...

Hi, Rogue! I'm so glad to have found your blog from your very kind comment over at ARP. I look forward to reading you!