Sunday, October 19, 2008

So fricking tired

I don't know what is going on wiht me, ever since I got back from Rapid, I have not been the same. I have been really tired, on and off this week. Today, I have been utterly exhausted.
On friday, turtle got her MMR shot. UGH. Mihigna and I have been toying with this idea since she was born, do we, don't we? I've done as much research as I could, read He's Not Autistic But... and still was not 100 % sure of what I should do. So, I had to take a deep breath and "jump" and do it.

OMG, it was horrible. Thank god they don't HOLD them down here, like they do in Yankton, and they let me hold her, but the way the nurses build up to it, it makes it worse, nerve-wracking for me, and turtle knew something was going on. Ugh, it's horrible. They told me this one wasn't a intramuscular one, but it stung. So, they did it and she cried... and she nursed right away.. the only comf0rt I knew to give her that would help. It did, but it still broke my heart... I HATE being the person who allows someone to hurt her, greater good or not. Even now, two days later, it makes me sick to my stomach. It is so hard for me to see those tears in those precious eyes. UGH. then, it left this big red streak on her leg and a raised bump. So, I got her home and got her some tylenol. Thank god, I live right around the corner of the clinic. Then she slept and she was and is, perfectly fine. The bump is gone, as is the redness. Her leg doesn't hurt. So, she is back to her wondeful self.

She spend a lot of time with her At'e today.. which is always nice to see, and she wanted to go everywhere he went.. so sweet! I'm glad when she does that, because I worry that they don't get to spend enough time together because of his crazy long schedule.
It's midnight, i should go to bed. I'm really tired. I need something.. but I'm not sure what.

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JenX67 said...

It's always awful taking them to get their shots.