Thursday, October 23, 2008


I jsut read Cry it out's post.... (see link at right) it was hilarious!
It got me thinking about how stay at home parents are... the wonder and the challenges we face, because we always have to be on top of our game coming up with things to do with and for our little ones.

I took some time away from the house tonight, to do some work for the screenplay script...(more on that later) so turtle was with her father. And he is great with her, they love to spend time together and I always ask about what they did when I come home, because mothers and father do things differently. Lately, turtle's big thing has been..Baby in the basket... where she climbs into any laundry basket and insists on being drug about the house... which is fun, but very tiring on our arms after mihigna, being the resourceful man that he is... tied a heavy rope to the basket... and voila, no more tired arms and yet baby can be drug about until she get's bored. I asked him what else they did, he said they played chase, played with her hogan (fish) they are fake ones that swim abut in a cool mist humidifer; she loves it!! Then they read books, she got tired and I came home. I'll post pics on here, because it is soo cute to see her in that basket.. no worries, we make sure she is safe and not in any peril.
But i always love to ask what they did, because since I'm with her all day, sometimes he comes up wiht fun things to do.. things i dont' think of.
It's been a bit hard for me this week, because the cold air is setting in and I'm hesitant to take her out in it, even though she can be bundled. so ok, I'm jsut lazy and don't want to go out in it, since she has warm clothes for cold weather, but I don't. I never understood why my sister stopped shopping for herself after she had children.... now that i have a child.. I TOTALLY GET IT! Hence, the no warm clothes for me.
it never did snow... but they keep saying it is go ing to.. we'll see. Tomorrow, turtle and I will be going out to the falls to see what we can see, she loves hiking and it gets me out of the house. I like it once i'm out there.. it's just getting the motivation to do so.
I need to start coming up wiht some ideas for when it is truly too cold for little turtles to be outside, crafty fun project perfect for advanced little ones... so my cyber momma friends... please send me ideas!
ok.. the moive news. The scriptwriter has been sending me his treatments and we have been doing edits and such... and we are almost there. we have to wrap up the ending and then we..well, he sends it off to the people who will fund it or not, and we will take it from there. I am being elusive right now, because i don't really want to get excited about it until he gets the funding and a "go" to do the actual movie. once that comes in, i'll be more open about it.
but for now, I'm really excited.. the guy is fabulous and very talented, and has produced some other really great pieces; i'm honored to be working with him.

hang tight.. more details to follow!
take care!

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