Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our first playdate

Turtle had her first playdate today. She loved it! I got together with one of mihigna's co worker's who has young children, and we met at the park. They had a lot of fun. Mihigna joined us and we all tried out the swings and played in the dirt and gathered hazelnuts for roasting. It was fun. When we first got there, turtle's new little friend, R, took her over to the swings and then fell down wiht her.. scared the begezzus out of her At'e and I, which then scared her, and she commenced crying. I picked her up, checked for blood, (there was none) held her close and then nursed her. She was ok, just scared, because her parents got scared. After a bit of asanpi, she was off playing again. No worries. It's funny to see that when it comes to stuff like that, I'm the calmer parent. mihigna used to be the grounding force, but now I seem to be. Perhaps it is because I am with her all day everyday, and know the difference in her cries, so I am able to discern right away when something is really wrong. I'm grateful for that too though, because the VERY first time she fell, holy shit, I nearly lost it too, I was a panicked mess!! But I saw how much that made it worse for turtle, and have since learned that you have to be calm, or they will really freak out.
I feel bad for mihigna, he is gone so much of her daily life, he doesn't get to get those nuances, so I can understand why he'd be scared. I'm glad he's such a good At'e. There are many men who would rather be on the golf course or off hunting on a beautiful fall saturday, rather than at the park with t his wife and child. Turtle and I are VERY blessed.

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