Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not crazy

The last few days around here have been haggard. I began to question everything about myself and my parenting philosophy. Then I read Jan Hunt, and exclaimed, "that is exactly what Mihigna and I have been saying!" Jan Hunt is the brain behind the Natural child Project. Her child rearing techniques/beliefs mirror ours. I'm/we're NOT crazy.
I never really thought we were, but when you are in place where people do things so differently than you, and you are overwhelmingly tired, you begin to question: Is it me or them? I've always known that Mihigna and I are NOT the typical people, but I've always loved that, I knew we wouldn't be typical parents. But, as time has gone on, and people start telling you that you are doing it wrong.. they don't say this in so many words...because you want the BEST for your child... you start thinking, maybe they are right, and I"m wrong.
But I feel much better.... I needed to just ignore everyone else and listen to myself,, I know this, but somewhere I got momentarily lost.
Do you know that my child is 1 year old.. and knows what a kazoo is, and how to "play" one? She has known this since she was 8 months old. She is playing one right now, made out of a paper towel role... she is soo smart.

I have to run, turtle is pulling me off to play.

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Megan said...

Oh I've had days like that...they are less and less as I see more and more of what people like Jan Hunt or Pam Leo talk about coming true in my child.
It sends little chills down my spine thinking of how can these people write like this and it comes true.
Its such hard work and no one is going to thank you for it but yourself.
This is what I'm learning that I have to thank me for taking the time.
So from one NOT CRAZY mother to another.
THANK YOU for taking the time.