Monday, October 13, 2008

more updates

Ok, so the hills trip.
One of the major reasons we went there was to hit the natural food store to stock up on the things for turtle, that I can't get for her here. But, she needed a nap so badly on sat, that we put her down and let her sleep till five.... the store closed at five and wasn't open on sunday. So, I guess we'll be ordering some things online. It kind of stinks too, because we are so far away from anything like that. So we had to go to wally world to see if they had anything remotely appropriate for her... not really. I had picked up some organic crunchin' grahms for her at one walmart we went to on one of our travels, but it seems that it wasn't at the rapid one... because they had little if NO organic food for babies/toddlers. They had baby food that was organic, but turtle has never eaten baby food, and refuses to start. (can you blame her?) So i picked up some organic teething biscuts, to see if she would use those... haa haa haa. she looked at me like i was nuts. So, we'll be giving those to her litte friend who doesn't care what she eats and happens to be teething.
I was able to get some BPA free bowls with suction cup bottoms as well as more BPA free spoons.
I turned turtle on to the yumminess of cheese curls the other day.. so i picked up sme Cheetos natural cheese curls. That way she can enjoy them but I can relax knowing she isn't injesting nitrates and other ickiness.

I am having to learn to let turtle have her tantrums without stepping in right away to make it better. So, on sunday when we went to our old coffeshop haunt.. she had a tantrum and we made it through it. It was pretty painless. I let her have it, and within seconds...she did that peek thing to see if we were reacting and when she saw we weren't she got up and moved on. I hope it will continue to be as easy.. I HOPE.

In House news.....we are NOT buying it after all. There have been some things that have come up and we have decided it would eb smarter for us to not do so. I'm not dissapointed though.. I'm a bit relieved actually. Now we are open to whatever.
On the drive home yesterday... it was so beautiful... the hills in fall are gorgeous. We were talking about how we need to figure out where we want to be.. and we both feel liek we belong in SD.. it's just home. But where in SD is the question. Even though we are only nine miles from the state really makes a difference.. now it takes us three hours to get to rapid instead of the 2.5 it would take from Mission.

more to come

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