Friday, October 3, 2008


I have some serious updating to do!!!!
Exciting things, and annoying things, and everyday things.
First and foremost.
We made an offer and she accepted, so we're gonna be homeowners!!! Cunksi will get to grow up in a house that we own with her very own sunka or igmu I"m much more excited now than i was when it first happened, because we had to play the real estate game, which pissed me off. I HATE GAMES!! Other than board games and active games, i mean. But, now i'm over it and we still got the house for a good price.
So, yey! I'm excited because i think deep down, we both fet this was the right house anyway. The yard is better, and the fact that we will get to work on it, wil truly make it our own. The other house was move in ready.... but i think it was soo nice that we'd have been afraid to mess with it too much, and then, it wouldn't have really felt like OURS. So it's better this way.

Second.. I finally got to go hiking wiht my friend again... and we ran into a rattle snake!! it was cool and scary all at the same time... scary because we were caught off guard and K was well within striking distance. It was about three feet long and at least five years old and nice and fat. It was ok though because the babies were in the backpacks, far out of harm's way. (She has a 5 month old little girl.)
Hmm, what else... i know there is more.. but i can't think.
I"m tired. Very tired. I"m sure ther is more, but i can't remember now, so i'm gonna go and when i remember I'll come back.

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