Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally..some words

turtle sleeps.
I am too antsy to do the same.
This week has been wonderful, and hard and beautiful and painful all together.

I took turtle to the park, the waterfalls to get some fall color pics.. only the weekend I was in rapid, they got cold here, so most of the color went away. Turtle loves the waterfall, and the river, and she couldn't understand why we couldn't get in the water, like we usually do. then we drove slowly home and on the way discovered this small farm tucked away in the woods, so we stopped, and played with all their animals... they had all kinds of chickens, wiht tiny newly born chicks.. and great farm sunka's (dogs), and Igmus (cats) and goats, and a llama, and a long horned Pte (cow). It was fabulous and turtle was well in her element. I could see us having that kind of set up... my hope for an acreage was renewed.
It was so fun! On the way out of the park where the waterfall was, the cows were out and all over the road, so turtle started saying Pte, (lakota for cow) and then moo. It was soooo adorable!!! And that pic of her with the flower, that wa s
My daughter is the bomb!!

Ok, I said I'd update on teh whole movie thing.
Well, I spoke to the guy, he is very nice and has great ideas, so we're going to go ahead with it. He will be writing up a treatment for it this weekend and send it to me today. I'm excited. He knows his stuff, and he totally got the guts of the piece he is using. I'd also sent him my poetry manuscript to see if he could gleen any inspiration from that.. and he LOVED it. I told him thank you and I jsut wish a publisher would love it! LOL!
So, the movie is a go. What he has to wait for now, is funding. I'll keep you posted.
Ok, off to do Ina things now.
more when I know.

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