Monday, October 27, 2008

As each day goes by and turtle gets more and more mobile, my time to clean my house, cook, shower, post, get smaller and smaller.
It's because I am SO focused on her, every minute of my day is about her. I'm sure there is some balance I need to find, maybe, but it feels right. Life IS all about her, and someday, when she is a teenager, she will not need me, nor want me focused on her every move. I will still be doing so, just in a different way.
Parenting starts long before you hold them in your arms, and continues long after they are in clothes they can change themselves.

Turtle has been in an odd place all day..fueled by not enough sleep, and sore teeth. Tonight, she had a crying jag which turned into a meltdown where I couldn't figure out what what was wrong. I finally figured it out... her At'e had turned off her fish tank, and she wanted to do it. So we got up and she did it and she was fine. I need to figure out how to help her let me know what she wants better. She knows and uses the signs for eat and more, but I think I need to teach her more signs. It is hard to watch your little one get frustrated because she can't make you understand.
I'm so tired.... I feel like I could sleep for a loooonnng time.
The weather is supposed to be nice for the next couple of days, so I'm hoping we can get out in it. I"m not ready for winter... not yet... not with a wee one.
I still haven't gotten any ideas for great indoor activities to do with her... so I need to come up with something... she is liking t.v a little too much. I never wanted her to be intersted in it; but then we discovered the wonders of Jack's big music show. Oy... I'm hoping I can wean her off it without too much of a battle... i figure do it now before she gets too much older and it gets harder. This is of course my doing.. I take full responsiblity for it.. and man am I kicking myself!!!
ok. leaving now, to go sleep or post pics... or something.

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