Thursday, September 11, 2008


For the last week or so, it has been very cold here, not bitter, just fallish cold.
I'm a big fan of fall, because it means we get to put away the shorts and get out the jeans and warm fuzzy sweaters w/ warm fuzzy socks!!! I LOVE FALL!!
And it means...cold meals go by the wayside, and soups, stews and casseroles get made!

This year, I'm feeling particular domestic, and am ready to make a halicious load of soups and casseoles, as well as do fun fall artsy things! Perhaps the difference is because one year ago to day, almost to the hour, mihigna and I were walking through the door from the hospital with a new, small turtle in our arms! Oh the Joy!
So now, as she scampers about, talking all over and exploring and lighting up our world... I can now make some yumm-a-rific fall foods.
Nothing like a smallish turtle to make me domestic. Tonight, we had homemade chicken soup, YUM!!!

In other news.. we are looking at houses here in town again. We were going to hold out for the right acreage, but we are facing winter and this place simply will not do for long term. I'l go crazy!!!
We found a cute little house a few blocks away with a DIVINE yard and attached shop. So, we'll go see it in a few days and decide from there. I'd love to have a place of our own.. the yard on that house if FABU!! It has an already established garden, completly fenced in yard and a constant flowerbed that goes around the fence line.. plus it has a fireplace out in the yard!! I LOVE it just for the yard!
So, Ill keep you posted on that!

I have been walking every day wiht my friends, and that has been wonderful. We really do love this town, I have the perfect art scene that I want, great friends and am a hop, skip and jump away from all the wildness that I could ask for. IT ROCKS!!!
The townpeople are divine, sweet and kind and they all LOVE turtle, she is their own...they all get excited when they get to see her, so sweet!

Sigh. Life rocks!

I"m off to find yummy recipies.
for now,

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