Friday, September 26, 2008

Park, house and such

Cunksi and I took off for the park today..except she started getting sleepy; so I drove around a bit and found a new place for us to hike. But when I got there she didn't want to hike, she wanted to sleep; so I came home and put her to bed. She seems to be getting back on her sleep schedule, which makes me very happy. She, like me, needs a lot of sleep in order to function well. But she, like me, would rather be an active participant in every moment of life, rather than sleep. Because, you know, sleep is B O R I N G. Oy, it's all coming back to bite me in the ass. I now KNOW what my mother was talking about all those times. Geez, and I just thought she was trying to bring me down.. sleep who needs sleep. But it's all so clear, now that the bleary eyes are looking AT me, rather than looking out into the world. Yep, it's true what they say.... you get what you give, and holy crap if I'm not in for it. I will try to handle things better than my mother did though.
The last two days have been a bit off for Turtle. Her At'e has been home, because he got horrifically sick while we were on the trip... he has not been that sick in 10 years. So, he has been staying home from work and looking VERY puny.. like he's the color of ASH puny. Poor guy. And turtle seemed to have a sore throat while we were in omaha.. poor thing. She's such a joy, even though her throat hurt, she was still the happy jovial child she always is. I could tell she wasn't feelign well though, and she wasn't eating alot. She nursed fine, but she wasn't such a big fan of food. I'm so grateful she is still nursing.. or I'd be worried over dehydration factors.
She is growing so big too. Starting to look more andmore like a little girl. *Sniff* and yey! Life is so exciting right now.. well it has always been with her.. but I love how she is getting around on her own, and just so ready and excited to live life. She loves the park.. and swings. I can hardly wait to get our own place so we can get her a swing set. I like taking her to the park, but it will be fun for her to be able to have the fun stuff in her own yard too.

Speaking of... we still have two possibilities of houses. We will be checking the one out this weekend.. and we are still waiting to hear from those wonderful people who desperately want us to buy thier home. But mihigna has let them know what our budget is, so we are waiting to see if they will come down to our price. I need to call them, because mighina has lost his phone. The first house I was talking about is practically the same thing...older BUT it has steel siding and a steel roof, but it has the same number of rooms and a big fenced in yard. Not to mention the fact that it is WELL within our price range. So, bonus!!!
When we know more, I will let you all know.
Ok, I should go.. I want to get some writing in while turtle is asleep.
For now..

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