Monday, September 29, 2008


Little turtle and I just returned from the park and she is happily sleeping away. She was tired. Since I posted yesterday about her napping irregularities.. she seems to have recovered. She took a good nap this morning, without any fuss and went down easily for this one. I'm hoping this one will last a good two hours. I think perhaps I was just not wearing her out enough! She went to the park last night with her At'e while I did some writing, and she and I just went now. I had to go down to the city park, because all the schools have children in them, and I'm not sure how the administration feels about us using them during school hours. I don't want to distract little children from their studies!
We had fun at the city park, it's down in a a canyon with a river running through it and it has all kinds of trees, and it sun dappled. Very beautiful! I used to go there when we lived her before to go hiking on their hiking trails. Now I just use the park and when it is warm enough, play in the water with turtle. WE did a little swinging, and then got down and played in the dirt... she ate some, of course. Then we moved onto the bouncy horse, then the merry go round, and finally settled in on the concrete slab where we could play with all the fallen acorns and hulls. I showed her the wonder of charcoal and how you can draw with it, she LOVED that!
Then we went back and hung out with the bouncy horse who had a little bug friend, so she played around with that. I was watching so guys being very weird up the road.. so we took off after a while.
And thusly, i'm here typing this.
We hear from teh bank today about our bumped up loan.. that will decide which house we take. They both have advantages, and disadvantages. It will be hard to say. I LOVE the wildness of the NB house, and it's huge porch. But I love the MOVE IN ready condition of the C house. This whole time, i've held every other house up against the C house and now that we have one other one in the running, i alsmost want to let the C house go. But we want to be moved by winter, so we don't have a lot of time to fart around.
Ok, off again to get some writing done while she sleeps. I've written another Lakota children's story. Yey!

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