Thursday, September 25, 2008

conference and big news

Ok, so catch up.
The conference was AMAZING, and I have a lot to say about it, deeper stuff, but I will have to do that later because of time.. the breezy parts are as follows.
On Thursday, my sister, my favorite one, the professional boxer, came to my house!!! I was so happy!!! We are the most alike, and we are pretty tight, I love her so!!! So, that was fun. She was on her way up north for my other sister's memorial. Yes, I couldn't go because of my previous engagement, and it was supposed to be last weekend, but boxer was the one with the unchangeable schedule, so we made it for a time when she could be there. I will do my own ceremony later.

But we got to hang out, she got to play and fall in love with turtle, who returned the sentiment. Then on friday, she headed out and we...stayed home.
But we headed out sat. WE got to Verm town about 1:30. Turtle did really well in the car, she only got fussy at the end, not too bad. So, we had lunch with dear friend E. and then took the van to wally world for a oil change. I went a bit nuts because I was back in shopping civilation and so got a bunch of organic food for turtle. She LOVES baby Mum-Mums! Then we went to the hotel for a minute before heading out to dinner w/ K and G, that was great, a delish dinner at Mona Lisi's who will be closing, so i was grateful to be able to eat there one last time. Baby turtle wooed all her adoring fans. Then we went back to the room and slept.

We took off for omaha on Sun about 11, and got there at a decent time...turtle slept for most of the trip, and mihigna drove, so I could do some writing and gather my thoughts for the reading. We went to V's house, all the speakers were staying there. Man, it was fun! Robert Jensen was there, so we got to speak to him, man he is funny! V had a dinner, and so I got to see Walter and Brenda, which was great, because I haven't gotten to see them for months! The night was really fab, filled with delicious southern food and great company. We all stayed up late talking and finally went to sleep. Then turtle decided that three A.M. was a good time to get up and play! At five, mihigna went up to take a shower, in the dark, and ended up falling down the stairs!! It was funnily horrible!
And I wasn't even driving, mihigna was!

Now the conference ROCKED!!! The two speakers that stared were women who run the omaha domestice violence advocacy center.. they did a great job; then it was Robert's turn. I thought he did a fabulous job, I missed the Q$A because turtle wasn't feeling well, so I had to take her out. But I definitely am going to read his book. Then came my reading... it was good, I felt a bit rusty, but everyone really enjoyed it and said they got a lot out of it. So that was nice. About an hour later, we took off for home. It kind of sucked, because we really didn't have much time to talk about conference stuff; but Robert said he wants to bring me to Austin, (he teaches down there) and I said I'd gladly come. Only for him would I have ever considered stepping foot into Texas. The pedophile lives there, so I have a loathing for Texas.
I'm absolutely breezing right through this, but I have to get it down before turtle wakes up.. I had a lot of fun, made a lot of good contacts, new friends and hope for future work, successful trip if I do say so myself.
I could write a whole post on V alone. Man, that winyan ROCKS!! She's one powerful, incredible lady. I will write more on her later.

We left about an hour and half after my reading and I drove straight through to home. I was so ready to be home, and the perk was, my sister was here again.. on her way back home. The bad part is: poor mihigna got sick and is really sick now. He hasn't been this sick in years. But at least we got home and could veg in our own home.

Guess what turtle did today?????
Walked. For real, all on her own. She just took off walking right across the living room. then the kitchen! She is amazing!! We are so proud of her, as she is with herself. We knew that is how it would be. She'd just do it.
Ok for now, I go abu.

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