Sunday, September 28, 2008

Call for input and daily update

So, update first. We went and looked at that house.
We could easily afford it, and we like it. It isn't the C house, but everything will be held up against that house hence forth. But, it is big enough, the yard rocks and the neighborhood is nice. Not to mention that the lady selling it is really sweet, loves turtle and she is only selling it because she won it in the divorce and she wants out from under it.
However. It needs work. Nothing we can't handle, but we'd offer a lower price because of that. We want to tear up the carpet, because ewww.. who wants to live with and walk on other people's icky mites and who knows what else could be in that carpet. Not to mention that fact that I wouldn't LET turtle on that carpet as it is. Let's just say the girl who is in it now, (it's a rental right now) is not GREAT on housekeeping. But when you have children, who is? Anyway.. so it has a fab basement, that isn't finished, but if we buy it, we can do it whatever way we want. It has steel siding and a steel roof, (BONUS!) a built in sandbox, trees in the fenced in backyard, a garden plot and enough room for turtle to play and have a sunka of her very own!!! Plus on the main floor, the one bedroom is right next to the masterbedroom, so when turtle moves out of our bed and into her own room, she will be RIGHT there, should an emergency come up, I won't be far from her. (yes, the distance between our room and hers has always been a worry of mine and there are many things that ahve played into it, which I will talk about later.)
Now, another imediate thing that needs to be fixed is the front windows. Right now, they are roll out windows.. the house was built in 78 BY them; which is part of it's charm. They hand built it, so it has it's own history, that is cool! Anyway.. so the window cranks are missing and mihigna pushed on them with two fingers and it popped open. NOT SAFE for a baby!!!! So, we will be tearing those out and getting a whole new set up, with a good solid air tight window.. maybe a picture window.. maybe a bay window.. depending on price.
The other expenses are, this house does't come wiht a refriderator, or a washer and dryer. So, those will be major expenses right up front. So, that tacks quite a few thousand dollars onto the price of the house.
But we are still excited about it. we are going to get some estimates and take it from there.
Now, the C house.. well, my beloved C house. How I love it so. I called them and they basically said to shoot them an offer, and we'd all talk. So, on Monday, mihigna will go back to the bank and see if we can bump up the loan a few notches while still keeping our monthly payments within the range we need them to be. If so, we will take it to them and make an offer. If not, we will go with the other house.. the one I will call the N.B house. Either way, we win.
We're so happy!!!!! I lay awake last night picturing what I would do in each house scenario, where I'd put things.. i pictured us eating in our dining room with turtle, and having parties for our friends, cookouts and such. And of course, turtle and her sunka running around!! Mihigna will be building her this really cool fort/climbing wall/ slide thing in the backyard. I"m so excited!!!

now, the call for input. Other Mommy's out there.. turtle seems to have decided she no longer needs to go to sleep. Is this normal. has anyone else gone through this? She has ALWAYS been a champion sleeper.. but now, she cries, (soo unch!) and throws a fit when i want her to take a nap. Is this because she is sooo busy learning to walk and explore and this is a really busy time for her in her life? I know I was that way.. i had waaay too much to do than sleep. But, I worry she will be overtired and be susceptible to sickness. Please give my any advice you have... stories, ect.
I'd appreciate it.
for now, I'm off to do some writing and have some me time while turtle sleeps.
take care, and I'll keep you posted on the house news. OH!!! I found out last night, that Paul Newman died. HOW SAD!!! He seemed like such a great man!! Rest in peace good man. (I love your cookies, and your other food!)

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