Monday, August 25, 2008


This weekend was Rosebud Fair, the BEST FAIR in the land, and of all the year!!!
So mihigna, turtle and I went and our friends joined us, it was REALLY fun!
I didn't get our regailia done in time, so we didn't dance in grand entry, but next year, plus turtle will be a tiny tot! Well she already is, but next year she will be able to dance on her own! This year she stood in the stands drumming, singing and dancing. Too cute!!!
We got to ride the most awesome rides... my two favorites, the hurricane and the orbitor, and turtle got to ride the carousel, her favorite!
Now her b-day is coming up, so be watching for invites, to TURTLE PALOOZA!!!
It's gonna rock!!!
I can't believe she's gonna be one!
Today, turtle, maske' and I went out to the resivoir to take pics and play on the beach.. we had a blast! turtle tried to eat the sand, and the rocks, and sticks!! She loved the water, she sat down in it, then decided it was much too cold on her unzecki, and stood back up. It was soo fun!!! I have some pics, so when I get them downloaded, i'll post them.
Right now, I need to get the invites DONE and MAILED and get my photos printed, mounted and ready to hang by the 1st of Sept. I'm the artist of the month, and my photos will hang at the library. Whoo hoo!!
Now I gotta get my ass in gear!!!!
All else here is good.
for now, Toksa

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