Monday, September 1, 2008

more update-ness

Well, the old towny type thing.. was b o r i n g.
so we just came home and bummed.
today, I cleaned out my van, whoot! And we put a new car seat in for turtle, man that was a job. Then we head to the parents house, (his, not mine) came home, he went to work, I played with turtle, and then we headed off to friends for dinner. Yumm a rific I tell you!!!
It was fab! But, then we had to scoot fairly early cuz turtle didn't take a nap at all, so she needed to go abu.
Tonight, I talked most of the night wiht my favorite cuwe, the boxer. I'm so happy to talk to her! So, that was awesome. She's the proffessional boxer, she's usually in vegas, but she found herself in some trouble, so she's trying to work it all out.
I'm happy cuz that means she's closer to me!!!
so, we're gonna get to see each other here real soon for my (other) sister's memorial. Sad occasion, but i'm thrilled I get to see her. She rocks!!!
Ok, now i really need to try and go abu, it's almost 2 am, and turtle will be up and going before i'm ready.
Oh, but the main reason I got on here, was to tell you I posted the info about the conference over on my myspace page.
So go, look, then sign up for the conference and come to my reading! LOL.
I also LOVE what they wrote in my bio, it makes me laugh everytime I read it.

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