Saturday, August 9, 2008

I was bored

A survey that you will remember

The Last Person You...
thought about?: mi cunksi
Looked at?: cunksi
said I love you to?: cunksi
hugged?: cunksi
kissed?: cunksi..was putting her to bed
hurt?: cuwe
Shared a secret with?: mihigna
watched a movie with?: friend D.B
couldn't stop thinking about?: no one really
In your family...
Who makes you laugh?: "she boxes"
Who makes you cry?: the tipan
Who is strict?: we're all orphans
Who is laid back: no one
Who makes you think?: mihigna
Who will do anything for you?: mihigna
Have you ever?
been skinnydipping?: No
Made a friend mad?: of course
gotten a detention?: oh yah
gotten expelled?: oh yah.. for fighting.. the punk deserved it though
threw popcorn in a movie theatre?: yah..can't remember at who/or why though.
been on stage?: yep, it comes with my job.
seen a famous person?: oh yes.
been pantsed by a friend?:
lost your voice?: yes..I talk too much
You are...
best at?...: socializing
worst at?...: shutting up
profession?: writer/artist
best friend?: mihigna
Favorite movie star?: Mariska H. and Daryl Hannah
idol?: people who strive to be better everyday
hair color?: pink or purple
favorite movie?: peaceful warrior
have you ever been in LOVE?: I'm still madly in love
favorite color?: purple
have you ever done a bad impersonation of Arnold Scshwartsenagger: HELL NO
best memory?: There are two. My wedding day and the birth of cunksi
worst memory?: We WON'T go there.
favorite band?: how do i choose?
can you do the worm?: not the last time I checked
did you like this survey?: It's pretty good

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