Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the good and bad of it

So, the art show came....and went.
And I got nothing.
Other than a big lesson in... not being well enough prepared for the level of which I was entering in.
Basically, the judge said:
"Awesome photos. Shitty presentation."
So, I was not happy.
But I was not happy with myself. I knew the presentation lacked what it should have. Um, after all, mighigna cut the effing mat board for me the night before.
Yah, I need to take the time....no, MAKE the time to do the presentation better. I know this.
So, lesson learned. But the judge gave me excellent points on all of my photos. I would have won..if I had had my shit together.
So, ok, lesson learned.

In the good news dept....
I will be in Omaha in Sept for a reading...yey! I have some dear friends who are having a conference where I shall be giving my reading. I'm psyched!!!
And I just met with a couple of women with whom I, and Mihigna will be doing some work. I will be doing a workshop in Sept for women, which I'm really psyched about too! I have to run.. cunksi is waking up... more details to come.

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