Wednesday, August 13, 2008

11 months ago.....

11 months ago you were this tiny girl with itty-bitty hands and feet, that i loved to unwrap and look at, before wrapping them back up quickly, for fear that they would get too cold.

this is a game i started with mihigna and cunksi tonight as we all lay on the bed playing as we waited for our friend to come over for a workout. cunksi was scampering about the bed, and laughing her magical laugh. I cna't belive in less than thirty days, she will be year old. I look back now and think holy hell..where did the time go? But i'm so grateful that I am able to have spent all this time with her, holding her, nuzzling her, nurturing her, and covering her with kisses. Not to mention watching her grow and change everyday. She is sooooo amazing!!! She is on the verge of walking and every evening, when mihigna gets home from work and we are all together, having family time... I love seeing how secure she is in her world, in herself and how she KNOWS she is loved and wanted and supported. I only wish all the children of the world had that.

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