Monday, July 21, 2008

Skin to skin

As I type this, my little turtle sleeps on my lap. Her long lashes closed against her beautiful, chubby cheeks. She has been on me, or in my arms all day. I don't mind. As I was shopping today, the sweet lady who owned the store I was browsing in, wanted to hold her. But cunksi would have none of it, she rarely does. She loves to be fawned over, but from a distance. The lady was very sad, and wanted to just take her from me, which would have resulted in a large fit on cunksi's part. I told her not to worry, everyone who sees her wants to hold her, she is after all, so very cuddle-a-ble. But, she is also a momma's girl. She won't even go to her At'e at times. The lady wondered if that was hard for me, always having to have her on me. I told her no, not at all. I embrace it, as there will come a day when she is 16, and will hurl mean words at me, or not want to be seen with me, much less touched. In those times, I will think back to these times, these days when she insists that we are skin to skin at all times. I will savor these days when I was the greatest thing in her world and she thinks that I can do no wrong....and that I'm the best thing ever.
She makes me a better person. I am grateful for that. I strive to have the kind of outlook on life that she has. She is always happy. She lets go of things quickly, a lesson for us all.
She is the bomb.... my world and my heart. I love her so.

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