Friday, July 25, 2008

Love Letter

Mi Cunksi,
I realized today that we are two weeks away from the end of July... that means August is right around the corner and that Sept is creeping up on us.
You turn one in Sept. I'm thrilled and sad simultaneously. You are such an amazing being... ten months after you have entered this world and my life, I never tire of staring at you, holding you, kissing you. Nor do you ever cease to amaze me. You truly are the most amazing being I've ever met! You are so happy all the time... I strive to have your outlook on life... you let things go quickly, and you love EVERYONE! I'm excited and proud of the person you are, now, at this young age. I am excited at who you will become.
I have a big, exciting task ahead of me, making sure you continue to have the amazing level of self confidence throughout your life that you do now. You know who you are, you know what you want and what you don't want, and you have no problem setting your boundaries with people. Good job!!
You strive everyday to walk. You are so proud of yourself for all the things you are able to do in a day... I'm so grateful to creator that you are able to do all those things in a day.
You make me laugh and smile constantly.
You are busy growing teeth, and today they were giving you fits... I felt sorry for you, because all my tricks seemed to not be quite good enough today... I hate seeing you uncomfortable. But as long as you were in my arms, you seemed like it helped. I'm glad something made you feel better.
You like to sit in the recliner next to me and pat my shoulder as you gaze up into my eyes. You seem to be saying.."I love sitting here with you Ina." I love having you there cunksi. You are my life, my heart. I cant' believe that at this time last year, my tezi was bulging with beautiful little baby! You are so amazing... I just can't get over it. You sleep well at night..once you settle down and give in. You are just like me... always gotta be doing something.. always more important things to do than sleep. In the night, you reach for me, to make sure I'm there... you wrap your legs around me and grab a hold of my fingers with your tiny hands.
I'm honored that I'm the most important person in your world... I will treasure these times when you are older and begin seperating from me and establishing your own being-ness.
I love you for all that you are and all that you do and your At'e and I are VERY PROUD of you.
Sleep well, be well, grow well, live well. Unsicilake,
Ina nahan At'e

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